My theory:
343i is so strict on the bans and enforces such a strong and lengthy cool down time so that we are “forced” to play warzone (which could coincide with spending money on reqs) until the ban time has past. Thoughts? Either way the ban time is way too long and is ridiculous since it continuously gets longer each time per ban regardless of the time between bans. 343 are ignoring the community and continuously slapping us in the face. (Including and excluding this topic) Its taken them 4 months to finally include grifball and fiesta, and we are still waiting on infection and King of the hill (which probably will never come). Doubles still has no world of becoming permanent. 343 created such a potentially great game but continuously ignore the community or respond with sarcasm, check their Twitter accounts. Feather than being mature and Having the decency to actually be prompt and honest, they ignore us or are sarcastic and really immature. But they don’t currrrrrr

Except for the fact that you can get banned from Warzone too so you’re forced to play Arena till the time passes.

And for the fact that you can play Warzone without spending money on REQs.

if you havent noticed they arent ignoring the community

the vocal minority (people banned) only come to the forum to whine about their bans (you can tell by post count and service record)

a majority of players that want to enjoy the game have called for stricter ban hammers and 343 acquiesced