Bans in MCC is still terribly handled.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been banned for 5 minutes just because I didn’t touch my controller while waiting in a lobby for the game to start. I’ve been randomly banned for a solid 30 minutes today and I have literally no idea why and it’s probably the 3rd time that happened to me. Like why?!?? Why the hell is this still the case after all these years?


Hopefully this year 343 will address this. However, I don’t anticipate any changes.

I have the issue that some players are afk for whole matches just to be rematched with me in the next round, meanwhile i go afk for 1 minute because someone is at the door and i come back to being booted with a ban for being afk. Happened a few times so far now

To my knowledge this system doesn’t exist.

My bad, that happened in H5 not MCC