Bans in Halo Infinite Flight

I was banned from accessing matchmaking, I’m just wondering if anyone else has ran into this. Have not quit games recently or crashed, lagged out whole fireteam (10) at once and after I was the only one banned. I’ll try it again in an hour.

Same I was too and thats happened I’m guessing from game crashing is saying it’s me quitting so I’m not sure

I was un-banned I guess after 30 minutes or an hour. Was able to jump back in. 343plz lol.

Happened to me too. Waited for my friends to play on this timed event for 15 minutes before getting unbanned. With having limited time anyways this really blows on 343’s part. YOUR GAME IS CRASHING A LOT!!! Not… My… Fault…

For me it happed after I closed the game in a bot match. So…Don’t leave bot matches….