Bans for playing in 12 man fireteams

I am going to open this up right away by saying yes, I have done the 12 man glitch for warzone and warzone assault and am not asking for any pity or support. This post is simply to explain my views on how the situation is being handled. I am going to be avoiding using any other players gamertags and spartan companies throughout this explanation.

This morning when I logged onto H5 I was greeted with this wonderful message This is a 5 day warzone ban for what I’m assume is for exploiting the 12 man fireteam glitch. This is a ban that applies to all warzone playlists for your entire console.
I’m now going to go over a quick history of how I’ve been playing warzone across the two accounts I’ve played since we’ve known of the glitch. I’m going to say yes, I did partake in the 12 man glitch on my main and farmed when we first heard about it. However when 343i announced that they were going to be banning individuals partaking in the glitch I stopped doing it. Since they have done that announcement, all of the games I’ve played on my main account have either been solo, or with a 6 or less fireteam size. I have had games experienced where on another individuals stream, we match players we know and they join on us creating a 7+ man fireteam but we no way intended it to be one.

My alt account is a different story however. A few days ago me and a bunch of other players created “JAJA” accounts to play warzone mainly for the comedic effect of the kill-feed. I only played on this account for a day, getting about 20 games done with a 6+ man fireteam. Most games we played had about an 8-10 fireteam size and we just played normal games; defending the first base on defense, and coring normally on offence.
I am not crying that I received a ban for using the glitch, but the nature to how the bans have been carried out. Until last night, there had only been 1 fireteam banned for using the glitch (to my knowledge) and they only had been banned due to matching against a prominent community member. There has been teams running the glitch farming constantly since the warning to now without any penalties (I’ve played against several of them.) Of the people that I know received a ban last night none of our ban times have been consistent, ranging from 4-6 days between us. This is an issue as it’s a variance in ban time between players who commit the same offence. I have a friend who played less than me, but has a longer ban time. The primary issue of these bans is when they were carried out. The ban-wave that was carried out last night banned players who hadn’t even done the glitch in over a week. This shows they have no automated system for detecting and banning the offenders, but are relying on people “calling out” others or actually playing against their teams in order to figure out who is partaking. This hasn’t even been consistent as one aforementioned team has been farming since knowledge of the glitch and to my knowledge hasn’t even been banned despite being tweeted out by numerous community figures on twitter to 343i employees.

I’m not going to cry to get unbanned or any of that childish stuff, I’m just going to take a break from the game, maybe play some arena, and go back to grinding solo for xp when the ban is over with. This post is just to illustrate that when you say that you are going to penalize people for doing something, you need to have a system in place to detect it and penalize appropriately and not sporadically.