Banning System

I’ve been getting a warning message about being banned if I left any more games, because I left a game the other night when my Xbox shut off. Anyway, I was booted from a game when one of my grenades also killed a teammate on impact. Now I am temporarily banned. Really? I’ve only been playing Halo Reach for two weeks now, and I’m already seeing how fail the banning system is. I haven’t broken any of the rules, not intentionally at the very least. The team kill was purely an accident. He merely ran into the explosion, but I still got a kill from the other team.

This is a problem. I don’t see this as something to just let go, not when I pay a good chunk of hard earned money to enjoy online play. I don’t see this as fair one bit. What happened to the option of booting a player after he team kills the same person twice?

As far as me leaving the game of my own volition, I can understand that being looked down upon. But, seriously, being booted from a game over an accident where the offended took it too seriously to only end up being banned seems quite unjustified.

I certainly hope the current banning system is still being worked on.

This is something to talk to Bungie about, it’s there system.

It’s possible they may change your current situation if they see your request and you state it respectfully, otherwise they’ll completely ignore you, and if you make them mad they may prolong the ban.

It’s cruel, but when they state it that way, the people who are banned for good reason usually don’t lie to them, you’d be amazed at the stats they’re watching.

I love the system and had no problems with it maybe bad luck?

I’m guessing it’s a bit of bad luck. But, I would never intentionally kill another teammate. It’s happened twice now since my first post. Maybe I shouldn’t be grenade happy. I don’t mind being booted if someone doesn’t like me throwing grenades and they like to melee, but this probation thing is really upsetting me. I haven’t left any games, only been booted so I don’t feel it’s correct to put me on probation for unintentional team killing.

For now, I suppose I’ll just throw grenades less.

Honestly? Banned for merely one betrayal?
I betray people (accidentally and intentionally )all the time, and I’ve never had a problem with it…

I hate to sound rude but I smell a bit of BS here. I quit games due to reasons says of AFk players in FF or if the game is red bar lag.

I ALWAYS QUIT these two types of games.

Ive never been banned so you must quit quite a bit for this banning to come into effect.

I haven’t left any games of FF. I left one game of team slayer when my xbox powered off. other than that i’ve only been booted from team slayer. i can see how it seems like bs to you, but the entire situation was bs.

i’m not getting the warning message any longer, so things are good for now.

Was this in multiplayer matchmaking or in Arena, because my understanding is that its a bit more strict in there because of the competitive nature?

I know its tricky, but so many games are ruined by intentional betrayals (and please dont think I’m pointing the finger here) and the flow is broken by a stray grenade.

That said the grenades are more highly powered in Reach and I know that there was a bit of a learning curve for me in MM and definitely a betrayal or two but I have never had a warning. As you play more and get more used to the game, I’m sure you will get to grips with the grenades and dont forget that using your mic and a quick ‘sorry dude’ goes a long way…


If you get warned and banned from playing for just two weeks - you are obviously quitting or getting booted a lot more than you are admitting to here. I have a poor connection, sometimes dropping me three or four times a night, every night - usually during a game and yet I haven’t been warned or banned. Obviously you must be quite the quitter to trigger the auto-ban.

Also, isn’t the ban for just fifteen minutes? Can’t you find something to do the fill the time other than complaining? Storm in a teacup.

Full party boosting is acceptable, right?

> Full party boosting is acceptable, right?

sadly yes it is. Pretty pathetic on bungies part.

> > Full party boosting is acceptable, right?
> sadly yes it is. Pretty pathetic on bungies part.

I don’t see how it ruins your day if someone else is boosting.

I have had a similiar situation. I was playing matchmaking (living dead) and i am pretty sure there is a glitch in that game because when the zombie would kill me and then I would kill them at the same time it kept going “betrayal”. It said it a couple of times in a few games. I just brushed it aside because I knew I did not betray anyone until someone got the option to boot me and did. I got booted out of the game because they had the option to. Soon after that it happened again and then I was temporarily banned.

I am pretty sure what is happening is that when you kill someone the same time someone else kills you, you get a “revenge” I think it is. You shot them a split second after they shot you. You get that kill. Well in the living dead when a zombie kills you, you come back as a zombie. When the zombie shot me I killed him as well and then it went betrayal. So I immediately became a zombie (which would be the glitch) and then killed him a split secong after which was considered a betrayal. I hope that makes sense.

Shortly after I was playing a different game and accidentally got a betrayal. They IMMEDIATELY got the option to boot me and did(which I think is rude because they knew it was a accident but they do it anyways). I was now banned for even longer. Im upset because the “Living dead” is what made me on probation in the first place and now if I accidently get a betrayal, which happens A LOT means I will now get banned for like 7-14 days and then after that I don’t know.

Why does someone get the option to boot someone after 1 betrayal? It is an accident the majority of the time because I am not one to do that because I cannot stand the idiots who do. The living dead clearly has something wrong with it but the other games? I can, just like you accidently betray someone and now I really have to watch because if I do I am immediatly banned.

At this point I’m not even sure what I’m banned for but the internet situation here is sketchy to say the least and I have repeated messages while in Halo matchmaking about network difficulties and then being dropped from a group. I’m not sure who’s network is at fault but in any case I don’t control how it works and I can’t fix it either. I have had at least one accidental betrayal, hard to stop someone on your team from running in front of a grenade and it does hurt the team Im on but most of the time they are my friends and my family so they put up with my mistakes. doesn’t care at this point about fair as they are quite confident there banhammmer works and it apparently does but it doesn’t bother to single out people who are at the mercy of their network or are not very good at the game which is no reason to ban, if it were free to play they could do what they wanted but it costs money and demanding something for that money shouldn’t be beyond my rights. Oh and there is no reason to ask either bungie of xbox live for help, waist of time.

D nemeth

We are banning for repeated bandwidth manipulation events - dropped connections, standby, ip flooding, among other things. The important point here is that these things do NOT normally occur, especially over long periods of time. And while they can occur without the user intending for it to happen, it still sucks for all players they play with. Remember, we’re not banning based on intent - we ban based on cold logic: literally, a query against a specific set of criteria.

Bungie controls everything. You have no rights. Play nice.

The above violations cover a wide gamut of deliberate and obnoxious behaviors. The bans, when implemented are done so with rigorous checking to ensure that the innocent are not netted alongside the guilty.

Please note that while this process is automated, it is accurate. Bans are almost certainly legitimate, and will stay in force for their stated duration. To keep your matchmaking privileges in good standing, immediately cease any unsociable behavior and wait out the ban. Either way, there will be no response communication from this process.

Bans from matchmaking cannot be appealed. Currently, bans are being handed out for a few things. Some of you know exactly why you should be banned, and others possibly, were just having networking problems. In either case, though, the effect is the same - you were routinely hurting other players’ experience. Most bans are temporary (7-14 days), and these bans only stop those affected from playing Halo 3 matchmaking (custom games, campaign, etc. can all still be played).

The banning system is to prevent jerk offs from quiting on their team and making them lose. Like I seen people who just quit for having just ONE flag captured, and in the end we would usualy lose because of the overly win happy jerks. It’s probally unuasal to get banned just for leaving two games, if that actauly happened. I support the fact that Bungie tries to prevent quitters, so to help them, I click on the avoid for quitting early. Mainly because quiters cause me to and my team to lose! (Sorry if you got avoided for quiting early by me, and you quit because something weird happened, like the xbox just auto turns off. That is out of my knoulidge.)

Well probably a noob hates you and when the noob gets the chance he will boot you? im not really sure about teh banning thing? Probaly a bug?

I know my internet just kicked off and it banned me. And how long does it kick u off for exactly 30-40 mins id like to know since i am spending my money to play online.