Banning System needs some work

So the other night i was playing some infection you know just having some fun when i realized that i had to go on an errand. So i sadly had to quit the game and when i did i got a message saying that i was banned for 20 minutes.

I rarely ever quit in h5 and getting banned for doing it once is just stupid. Idk if the random disconnects because of servers issues count as a quit but this needs fixed.

I’m all for the banhammer striking when its a frequent occurrence but for one quit is really dumb.

So please 343 only ban people that quint a lot within a certain timeframe. Dont punish those who sometimes have to quit to go do daily life things.

I only quit games that are extremely laggy
now before I say what I am about to say

yes I am full aware that if you look in my recent games history you will see maybe about 8 DNF games in the first 5-10 pages so I know why I got banned

heres the story
i started playing games last night
I played a few games that were fine
The fourth game I played was laggy as all hell and it was unplayable so I quit
I then continued to play an additional two games losing one winning the other before I got s message saying
“you’ve been disconnected from the halo 5 servers”
Upon going back to the main menu the ban hammer strikes and I’m banned for nine hours from arena

I’m not complaining I know I was forced to quit games
my issue is with not only the length of the ban but also the fact that I only quit one game that night and received the ban, yes I understand there were several other quits in recent days but my question then becomes this

when does the ban timer reset?
i haven’t played today I’ve been working all day and all night, but if I get on tonmorow and play a few games but end up having to quit a game due to lag issues again will I be ban for 12 hours next time?

at what point does the ban hammer reset and get you back to square one?
im really growing tired and frustrated with this game for all of its various reasons this one included

Rarely quiting isnt never quiting.

I hate when I lose connection when I don’t see any previous lag like wtf.
I was playing infection and I infected 3 people in a row without dying then BAM I got kicked.

Please direct all questions pertaining to bans to the pinned official ban thread in the support section: