Banning for no reason

Now me and my girlfriend love playing halo together but we can never play cuz one of us is getting banned or booted out the game for no reason. We play on the same network yet one of us is getting banned for 15 or 30 minutes. This is very frustrating but we always let it go but it happened to us again on Valentine’s Day when we tried to play Valentine doubles and that was the last time, that called it for us and we went back to Destiny. We love playing halo and we don’t want to stop playing forever because of some unfair gameplay and network issues but being banned over and over again for no reason and making almost impossible to play together or with other friends is enough to get me to throw the game away. Please I need a solution to this problem or fix this unfair banning problem 343, we would like to go back to playing Halo 5 together.