wow i just got banned for a while because i comitted suicide 3 times in 1 game of super fiesta and it said it counts as griefing? first time i had a rocket launcher i shot and then went behind something must of been lag econd time was on one of the new maps and i went into a green thing thought it was a floor then the last time i feel into the green thing but a boosted onto a ledge and it missed lol

The Power of The Ban Thread Compels You!

These post should go here. The Fist of the Ban Thread

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> The Power of The Ban Thread Compels You!

Beat me again!

Suicide bans in chaotic games like that seem a bit odd yeah…

Shh. Don’t speak so loudly. They’ll here you.

Suicide is considered griefing because it puts your team at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, the system cannot tell the difference between intentional suicides and accidental suicides. Just gonna have to roll with it.

Too late. The ban squad has arrived.