Banned without Quitting

Hello 343. I was playing some Arena Slayer a few minutes ago and just completed a match by victory. And for some reason I got banned right after and the ban lasts for about 23 hours. This has been happening to me quite often and I’m finding it less enjoyable playing Arena because of the fact that I’ve been getting banned for no apparent reason. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this issue, but please look into it and see if you can fix the problem somehow. Thank you.

Although it looks like you get banned for winning a game, the system itself generally runs 1 game behind so the ban will be for previous actions. You have close to 15 DNF matches on your account over the last week with more the further back I go in your record, so that is what your ban will be for. The ban system itself is incremental and it increases each time you get banned, so to get a ban of 24 hours this much be a regular occurrence. I’d suggest not quitting out of games or idling, if you find you are being disconnected a lot make sure to check your connection and moved from wifi to wired if you can and aren’t already