Banned, probably due to -Yoink- serves.

Are you kidding me? I’m banned? I’ve never voluntary left a match. I don’t understand why I would be banned unless it would be for all the times I’ve been disconnected from the -Yoink- halo servers. This is ridiculous that I have to suffer because 343 can’t get their -Yoink- together and make a game that isn’t a -Yoinking!- disaster. Further more I am left to speculate as to the reason of the ban because they only information given is “At least one player in your fireteam is banned from playing Halo 5: Guardians.” No time frame, reason given, etc. -Yoink- this -Yoink- game, -Yoink- you 343. I will never buy one of your -Yoink- games again. First I buy an xbox one for MCC alone, and it’s a glorified drink coaster for the first 6 months. Now this -Yoink-. Halo is the only reason I own this console. I primarily play on PC. I have no reason to have an xbox any more as you people are the devil and want to destroy the legacy of a mastapeece. So long, Satan. PC mustard race 4 ever.

Now how do I get a refund for this piece of -Yoink-? Bestbuy won’t let me return a used game.