Banned over this???

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Hey’ I’ll admit to quitting a few games today, but When there are 7 players and you split it into a team of 2 versus 5, then why am I faulted for not wanting to take an -Yoink- whooping? Especially on your capture the flag games. One game started 4 on 2 and then “player joined”… it was for the team of 4!! And please expling to me how you can drop anyone into a game of anything and place them on a team that is already down and NO way able to come back, then fault them for not wanting to play?
Tired of joining Flag games with the score already 2-0 or swat on the tail end of a 480-120 match. I’d rather sit around for a long time than get in a game full of jokers, lousey players, and/or down by a crap load.

And speaking of your bans/boots, How can one guy betray me 2 times straight while carrying a flag, just so he can score it and I’m not even given the option to boot him, but by GOD, THE THIRD TIME SHE SHOOTS AT ME AND I TAKE HIM OUT, I’m BOOTED!!!

Fix your crap now than you’ve got our money.

As for posting this on the ban forum… I would if there was either and option to post there, or it looked like someone actually replied to the 161 posts asking about their bans.

First off, it is only an hour you know.

Typically would you like it if YOU were the person left there by yourself against 5 other people?

I don’t think so.

The ban system can easily be avoided, especially in Halo 4.
Besides, there is no way that 343 can magically tell if the game has no hope of being won, they aren’t servers, they are connected to Xboxes of the players in the game.

You have the chance to quit out if you want to, but the fact that you got a ban means that you’ve done it very much in the past. Besides, you can easily get out of Join in Progress games and usually the system that you seem to hate will refill your team at the start of a 2v5 game.

Also for the booting, it acts more like a ‘Boot meter’

Say that hit your teammate with a bunch of grenades or shot him/melee him. If this is the case, your boot meter will go up. Once you’ve exceeded the meter’s limit, then you can be booted. However, it doesn’t go into effect until you kill him. However, the ‘boot meter’ counts on these actions as the same actions you would without betrayals. Therefore since he can one shot you, he will not be affected as much as you would in betraying him. My guess is that in some points of the game, you accidentally caused him some damage.

Don’t say that I haven’t had any of this happen to me.
I’ve been banned and booted in times like that before.

Never go for revenge betrayals, it accomplishes nothing. If someone on your team kills you, ignore it and play for the win. Even if you got your revenge and didn’t get booted, then what? That same guy is going to try to get you back and it’s a cycle that goes until one of you is booted. Meanwhile, your other 3 teammates are completely out numbered.

Teammates will quit games and you will be outnumbered, it happens. The best thing you can do about it is to make a team. If you play a game with a guy who contributes to the team and doesn’t quit, send an invite. As long as you’re a good teammate people will want to play with you. It’s pretty easy to make a team and it makes the game much more enjoyable, especially if you get teammates with mics.