Banned out of Necessity

If I get banned for quitting four straight Behemoth / Launch Site SWAT games, can anyone really blame me? Or Bazaar? Did anyone play test these maps for SWAT?

Because man, life is too short to play that mode on those maps.


Perhaps the teammates who you abandoned could blame you?

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I’m not super into Tactical Slayer aka SWAT but I actually liked playing that mode on Behemoth.

You can find angles and take cover. I didn’t get killed once.


These maps absolutely need to be removed from rotation in swat, but as with any game/mode you’re going to get maps you don’t want to play on, but you gotta play through them.

If you quit because of something petty like that, then enjoy your ban. We all have maps/modes we dislike.


Yeah. I can blame you. Stop quitting. Big -Yoink!-.

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I’d most certainly blame you. Pick up your big boy pants and just deal with the maps you are given or pick a different playlist until it’s changed to your liking.

flat no, the only reason you should be banned in a free to play game is hacking/cheating.

Quitters should always be banned for 6 months with no exceptions.
Also your console is bricked and credit score ruined. Also you lose your job.

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