Banned on my second account and console.

Hello all, i am very aware that moaning about a ban that i received for no reason will get me no where here so the question is this.

I have full proof i have not cheated - I stream every game
I have no reason to cheat.

So does anyone know who i can message or email to get some assistance?

The gamertag i was banned on is ‘SeventhCape6779’ Yes that gamertag was given to me by XBL, and i have had the account 3 days now.

My console ID i will not give out

And the moment i was banned i had nearly 200 viewers on my channel, and the direct link to the ban video will be given to anyone who helps me.

I took the advice and called support, and they basically said Bungie Have to unban me and they cannot help. Considering the fact everything is streamed live it shouldn’t be hard to prove my point.

No trolling please, i am not really in the mood



I have now been told even though XBL are aware of the Ban being a ‘Auto mated system mistake’ 343 are the only ones in power to remove this.

So 343 are you going to help or am i just going to be forced to play another game? :confused:

Any help appreciated

maybe its just time to stop playing Halo 3. Unlucky bro… unlucky

I can’t really help you with this one, maybe it’s something you did in the past?

My guess is a full on IP ban… BAM

Yeah I remember you, I played against you in Lone Wolves.

He’s speaking the truth.