Banned in matchmaking for 1 betrayal?

First time forum poster here. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. Firstly, I would like to start out by saying Halo 5: Guardians is an absolute masterpiece. I have been on the hype train for a long time now and it sure lived up to everything I expected and more quite nicely. I actually purchased an Xbox one for the sole purpose of this game. Anyway, to the point. I have dumped more hours than I’d like to admit into this game since launch, and just now while playing SWAT, I was firing at the enemy team and my teamate ran in front of me only to take one of my shots to the head and cause me to get a betrayal. Unfortunate, and I apologized the moment it happened. No response. Instead I was kicked from the game almost immidiately. It left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth because I was doing well and this was one of my qualifying matches. I brushed it off and entered another game. After the second game was over, I went to get into another only to be informed the ban hammer has been dropped on me. Not only that, but it informed me on my screen that the ban would be in effect until 5/13. Now I’m not sure exactly what that means. What I do know is, being a very competitive player, and the amount of money I have spent to just play this game, it is game breaking to me that this would happen. Now I can totally understand 343 wanting to control matchmaking and make sure there are no people trying to ruin the experience for everyone. But one betrayal on a teamate, in a Playlist where you die in one hit, seems to be a very excessive reason to ban someone from enjoying the game. I know this all seems to sound like whining, and apologies for that, but this has left a sour taste in my mouth to the point where I’m not sure how much I’m going to want to continue to play matchmaking if things like this are going to happen. Has anyone else experienced anything like this so far? Or have insight on the situation? I’d love to get in contact with someone from 343 somehow to maybe talk this out with them. It just seems very unfair. Any help would be appreciated. Also apologies again if im in the wrong place. Kind of a noob with this. Thanks all.

That shouldn’t have happened, try to send a PM to a mod for help.

The previous game you had a DNF. So obviously it is not because of one betrayal. The fact you left out the DNF means you probably left out some other betrayal occasions. Also, damage to teammates in general adds up to being banned.

@tryinghydra351 sorry. How would I pm a mod?
@godemis I’m assuming DNF means “Did not finish”. The reason I did not finish that previous game is because I was kicked after the ban. I have never left or have been disconnected from a match yet.

Seems the ban was lifted. Maybe there is some type of bug going on right now. Others seem to be complaining. Thanks for the quick replies and insight!

yeah the ban thing is pretty dumb to be honest. if they didnt want you to TK ppl on your team then they should of taken FF out of the damn game. same goes for backing out. if i get stuck in a game with a bunch of ppl in india lagging up a storm. yeah im not gonna stay in the game sorry.

I betrayed a teammate today completely by accerdent he was on 1 hp and I killed when I was killing an enemy they should really take it out of the game.

Please don’t revive old topics thanks.
For any queries on matchmaking bans, please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the Halo Support forum