Banned from ranked playlist

I didnt pay 60 dollars for your broken game to not be able to play… un ban me or ill be calling microsoft, and going to the nearest gamestop and demand full refund until i get it… your causing a whole lot of problems for a lot of people thinking you can ban people who pay yearly for xbox live and spent money on your game… ill be reviewing your pos game all over and warding people off from buying it and the next

343 industries is an embarrassment… creating safe spaces and wanting to be politically correct thinking you can censor and police every little thing in your game… your game is dead and ur numbers keep dwindling…u lost another consumer and ill be sure to spread negativity about your game. ill be pc gaming for now on… and im getting my full refund if i am not unbanned within an hour… im not taking no for an answer so your support is going to hear it

For any ban related queries, please see the ban thread pinned at the top of this forum.