Banned from ranked play

Just trying to figure out why I’m banned from ranked play on Halo Infinite and if it has happened to anyone else?
I can play the other playlists just fine but it says “user is banned” whenever I try to play ranked.

This is from a profile I’ve used since the 360 days too.

Try restarting your game.

I have. It’s been like this for nearly a week, and I submitted a ticket but they still haven’t got back to me.

Cheating most likely… Not saying you were but the game must have thought so. Not sure what you can do, change your gamertage maybe?

If they think I cheated, I would like to know why they thought that? I don’t think changing my gamer tag would fix it. I did submit a ticket so I’m waiting for a response from them.
Wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

Do you quit a lot of games?

I have quit games before but that’s before the game loads. Would dashboard the game, and I would only do that because my friends game would freeze up or crash before the game starts, and I don’t want to end up in a 3v4 situation. If I’m already in the game, I do play it out though.

Has never affected my rank when I’ve done that, and I would think quitting while in a game would bring you down even more in rank.

Last few games I had though, didn’t quit. I won my last two before I decided to head to bed. Next day, couldn’t play ranked.

I can still play social, like quick play, BTB and all that but I can’t play ranked. “User is banned”.

hmmm. yea I’m not sure. I quit for similar reasons before. For instance, only 2v4, teammates werent playing or taking it seriously, etc. After I did that I was banned and saw online its usually only for 15 mins or so. I took a break and came back and I was back. I don’t see why you are officially banned though…not sure what you could do besides write to them. Sorry about that!!!

maybe delete your game download and re download. it sucks, but it worked for me once…

That’s what I would like to know. Have never been banned like this before. And it’s an odd ban too. I did write to them. I submitted a ticket also. And I’ve made a Twitter just to get a response from them and nothing yet.

I might try deleting and reinstalling though.

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