Banned from matchmaking from crashing?

would be nice to have a system inplace so that ppls who crash dosent get banned and could rejoin their game/fireteam.,

Not my fault if i crash why should i be penalize?


I am so glad that you posted this. I was just about to make the same post. 343, check my games played. I play mostly ranked. probably 95% because br’s are better than ar start. How is it possible that my game crashes and I am unable to join back with my team. Is it really that difficult to only allow the spot to be filled by the person that was kicked. apex allows you to join if you disconnect why can’t it in halo? not only does our team have no chance 3v4 objective, I get penalized for quitting the game when I never quit in the first place. What is with the programming of the game that it crashes so often? My computer is a 3800x cpu 1080ti gpu and 32g of ram. I feel like it shouldn’t be crashing…


You think by now they would have a system in place that can tell when someone quits, exits to the Home Screen, or turns off their console, rather than when the game simply poops the bed.

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This 1000x over. Unacceptable how a ranked gamemode in 2021 doesn’t have a simple reconnect feature. Crashing and not being able to rejoin your game and being penalized for it feels so bad because there is literally nothing you can do about it.