Banned from matchmaking for quitting

While in the middle of a match. There’s a million reasons why I won’t buy any more Xbox anything, and 343 is an embarrassment to gaming.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, and I know it’s happened to a bunch of people. So what’s the point of buying a game, and trying to play it when I get penalized for doing so?

I don’t care about the ban, I care about the fact that I paid for a game that I can’t play. This won’t happen again, as a matter of fact, I’m selling it right now. I’m going to buy a game that I can actually enjoy.

Thanks for ruining my experience, 343. Sort your issues with your banhammer before you lose more customers besides me.

Good riddance. Im tired of not enjoying my experience that I paid for because you want to quit everyother game.

This is unfortunate. Not that you are selling your game, but that you find the need to quit games so often. Just a quick look at your stats shows a frequent quitter. I would say that you and I are on the extreme opposites of the spectrum. I will stay in a game, until recently, even when I am the only one still playing.

My reasons are simple. I don’t like quitting.

My question to you is why do you quit so often? And why do you want to sell the game, and never buy another from 343i just because there are consequences to your quitting? I wouldn’t know since I don’t play any other game in matchmaking, but are you saying that no other game would punish you for frequent quits?

Oh and it looks to me like the banhammer works just fine. Thanks 343i. It is nice to see that in action.

Just think about this, you are in a game, it is past the half way point so join in progress is disabled and you just quit.

Your team is left a man down who could’ve changed the entire outcome of the match.

Don’t feel so self entitled. Sure, you bought the game, but that doesn’t give you the right to ruin other peoples experience without consequences to yourself.

  1. Its only a temp ban.
  2. Don’t quit so much. I have never gotten a quit ban in H4 its harder to do than in it was in Reach so you must quit, a lot.

There is a stickied Halo 4 BAN FAQ thread at the top of this forum. I’ve locked your topic and please use the official stickied/pinned thread for BAN posts.