Banned from matchmaking again

I have been generally hopeful for the future of halo despite whats been going on but I’m getting close to my breaking point. I got banned again because I was quitting games trying to find a oddball match for my weekly challenges. Alright so i get custom game browser is not ready but why not alter the challenges so they are not game type specific. This should have been done at the very beginning. Last week I quit 13 matches in a row before i got my ctf game. Worst part is I dont feel bad for quitting these matches either its becoming so routine.


I appreciate that the challenge system is borked.

But no sympathy for quitters.

Enjoy your ban.


do what i and many others have done:

go play something else.

plenty of better games worth your time than this piece of junk


Popping into and leaving games IS THIS GAME’S GAME BROWSER.

That’s it that’s all. Simple as. 343 could make a better game browser, but until they do you’ll be banned for using the current game browser too much.

How did you quit 13 times? I quit twice before and got banned immediately.

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Quit games, get banned.

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