Banned from HALO Discord... Again

I was browsing the Halo Discord and noticed some muted users in VC chatting, I joined and talked for like half and hour, I then went to the general chat and saw that no-one was chatting and I decided to make a little joke in chat “Hello mods, l would like to be muted so l can fit in with the vc guys” They didn’t respond, I thought, Alright, not a big deal, and moved on, Some time later l hopped into spoiler-chat, Took a look around and some time later, I made the comment “Batman dies in endgame” Shortly after l was banned, Nevermind that the previous day I was falsely banned because a mod thought l was an alt, Which as far as l’m aware, l’m not.
Please get this sorted out because its beginning to get a little agitating,

My tag: :jack_o_lantern:ScoobFacts​:jack_o_lantern:#8223

Kind regards,


After being unbanned you proceeded continued trolling after being advised to stop, and we both know it was a little more that just “batman dies in endgame”. I can see a log of all your messages that were deleted. You ban will stay this time.