Banned from arena for 2 days.

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I keep getting banned from arena because the Halo 5 server disconnects me for whatever reason.

I do my best not to leave or get kicked from games, but God knows I’ve been kicked for betraying and left games for whatever reason.
However, the main reason I get banned from Halo 5 Arena is because - at the very end of a game, when it shows the post-game screen - I get disconnected under the pretense the ‘connection was lost’ even though the game had finished. Sometimes I just get booted to the menu with no explanation and unjustifiably banned despite doing nothing wrong.

Just now I have been banned for that very reason, for two days no less. The amount of time I have to wait for this ban to be lifted just shows how frequent of an occurrence this is.
My connection is fine in every other game.

343 need to take Microsoft’s fist, and yank it out of their diseased, raw fecal matter dispenser and do something about this.


The ban thread is hungry. It keeps saying “FEED ME!!”