Banned for your servers crashing

Love that your game crashed and I get banned for it

Same here. I was loading for a match then the game crashed. Now I cannot go into matchmaking.

Issue where match made game crashes in Xbox one and bans user in the process.

Literally didn’t even get into a game before it crashed and now I’m also banned. Wtf

same game crashes log back in and im banned. lol

Same here. Really hope they will unban us cause the game crashes after every match.

Same thing just happened to me. Up till this point I was enjoying the game and now due to server issues I get banned.

This is getting ridiculous.

The game crashed, i got banned.
I wait, i reload, start loading into a new match, it crashes again - I’m banned again.

It’s hardly my 64GB RAM, RTX3080ti, Ryzen 9 3900x setup that’s the problem, and even then - Why am I being banned in a BETA>?!?!?!