Banned for using Splinters

Simply put i was banned because one teammate decided to follow me around during big team battle and throw himself into my splinters warning the servers i was team killing. Im a big fan of splinters, to me they are more equipment then they are grenades and being wrongfully punished by this kind of teamkill exploit is unacceptable on 343’s end. Ive read post dating back in 2015 about how some people have found this to be a problem and were also banned and i was shocked to see that this has gone unresolved still after 3 years.

I like your post. It highlights how hard it is to design a grenade that lingers for a game where there’s betrayal booting. I have hit lots of friendlies with these grenades on accident, and I think I have only had a few betrayals thanks to being shot at least once by enemies. But I guess it’s tougher when people are actively throwing themselves into your grenades.

Fun fact: I went to watch the film, just to see how it went down, and the game gave me a loading screen talking about splinter grenades.

First thing I see is one teammate punching you, followed by you killing him.
Then I see the same teammate attacking you, at which point you drop a splinter while leaving the base, which he walks into and dies.
Then you got kicked.

Honestly, it’s terrible to have some d-bag teammate walking around taking out your shields so the competition can pick you off easily, but you really shouldn’t kill them back.
Although, looking back, I don’t think he was following you. I think he’s just an a-hole who gets pissed when he doesn’t get the power weapons. Both times he attacked you were right after you picked up the sniper. You should definitely report him, though.
UPDATE: looking back at his PoV, he randomly attacked a teammate in a warthog (at least twice), and started killing teammates the moment the sniper spawned in. He then wandered over and found you. So he’s not jealous. Just an a-hole. Report him for sure.
He also left after you killed him, oddly enough.

The way you phrased it makes it sound like he just walked into your nade, but he was clearly baiting the whole game.

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