Banned for Unintentional Friendly Fire

I was just Banned for 2:56. I’m guessing that is hours. But I don’t even know why. I have a mic. My Team Mates kept getting in front of my shots on SWAT and I kept accidentally killing them. 3 Times I killed them in one match and they booted me. I apologized every time because they stepped in front of me. So why am I banned? This makes no Sense. It’s SWAT. This stuff happens.

Moral of the story: Be more careful. I get that it’s easy to kill people in SWAT, but once you get to the point where you’ve killed 3 friendlies you’re starting to do more harm than good. For the score, and for your teams enjoyment.

And sure, you can argue that “this stuff happens” but the game can’t distinguish between stuff that “happens” and stuff that’s intentional. It just sees that you’re killing teammates, and in an effort to ensure you’re not the kind of guy who deliberately kills his team “for the lolz”, it bans you. I know it sucks, but it’s an effort to keep griefing at a minimum, and it’s one of the few solutions that works.

Now sure, you could say that we should bring back the boot option instead of the automated kick (assuming it’s automated), that way your teammate gets to decided whether or not you get booted. But how many times have you been given the boot for an accidental grenade throw? People almost always kick when they see the betrayal option, either because they’re angry or simply to get the overlay out of their face. Whatever the reason, it’s a lot less forgiving to the things that happen by accident.

With a three-kill = boot rule, there’s no ambiguity. You know the cost of killing your team, and it’s merciless. It also means you’re not going to get kicked for that one accidental grenade throw, or that teammate who randomly decided to jump in front of your warthog.

Anyway, I have a feeling 343i took this idea (among all their other ban solutions) out of CS:GO. Now in CS:GO these things make sense, because the matches can last over an hour, and that’s an awful lot of time to spend with bad teammates. In Halo the matches are 10 minutes at best, usually closer to 6. So the penalties they’re introducing seem a tad harsh, though I suppose they compensate for this with a shorter ban duration. You can get banned for up to a month in CS:GO.

besides warzone, all i play is SWAT. i have never killed 3 friendlies in one match, and i am VERY trigger happy. sometimes i accidentally pop one, but never 3. its a short ban, not the end of the world.

I’ve been banned because of betrayals too. It sucks. I love using the new forrunner grenades but people don’t understand they can’t walk through the wall it creates…I easily betrayed over 4 times in one game because I would toss one out at an enemy they’d die from some other means and someone from my team would would run right through my grenade. Makes me sad that they have no way of looking at your score to betrayal ratio and excusing that from happening…