Banned for two weeks?

Ive been banned for two weeks no CR and i have no idea why i am. 343 you have banned a innocent player and this player wants to get unbanned . i have done nothing wrong and if i have you might as well tell me what i did wrong cause this is BS. this is like slapping a kids hand with a ruler and not telling him what he did wrong. its plain stupid
343 if your there respond

I’m just going to look at your history, see if theres any AFK

EDIT: hmm well you look clean, but I didn’t look that hard

ive already done a 24 hr bann

It would probably be better to pm a developer about this.

I don’t think you got ban by 343i but from the Banhammer Bungie put in the game. :wink:

how do i get in contact with a developer?

I am not saying you deserved a ban or not but I took a quick look at your history and saw you were AFC on several FF games on the 31st of July. This is probably why you were banned. You cannot be AFC in FF. Again not saying you deserved it but you wanted to know why you were banned and that is my best guess as to why.

nope. i already served my time with a 24 hr ban…the second ban is 2 weeks…this time i have no idea why im banned