Banned for trying to find an Oddball match lol

Took me 16 quick play matches of joining/quitting to get banned. Still didn’t find an oddball game in 16 matches. Has it been taken out or something? I have a challenge to do. Imagine I had played all 16 games. Would still not have that challenge done…and it’s an easy one. smh 343…smh


16 quick play matches of joining/quitting

That’ll do it.


I’m in the same boat, my weekly challenges are 2 stronghold ones, one to win 3 matches, and one to win one match. Did the same thing trying to get one strong hold match. All I’m getting is oddball and CTF. The other one is to kill someone with a coil, which the map where I know there are coils on never showed up either. I can’t get to the event challenge without it, so I guess I’m going to miss the last challenge. I’m not going to pay to buy challenge swaps. I find this completely annoying, and it pushes me away from wanting to play


Agreed it’s dumb asf. Tbh they either need to completely remove challenges as a means of progression or give us specific game modes to choose. Tbf I don’t WANT to keep quitting games, I like to play and enjoy myself. But on the other hand I’m not going to sit through multiple games in the hope of getting the game type I want and then hope I complete the challenge. Such a dumb system. Shame because I actually enjoy the gameplay.

Don’t feed folks…just walk away

Yea no the ban is on YOU here bud.

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Exactly, I haven’t quit any game up until this point, it’s stupid and angering. I feel like with your issue of no oddball rounds, and my issue of no stronghold rounds, that there’s an algorithm to try and force people into buying swaps. Like, I’m about to go to work, and won’t have time to play again before times up tomorrow. I don’t know if I can recap that time and earn the past weeks challenges or not. Like, cool I got the armor, but this could lock me out of being able to earn the full line up for this event. It’s garbage

16 matches? You abandoned 48 teammates, you should have been banned sooner.


I feel sorry for the teammates who had 343 bots on their team because you quit. That’s a lot of players negatively affected by your quitting.

Hopefully they add some sort of game type selection at some point in the future like mcc has.

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I don’t blame people for quitting to look for the gametype they need for their challenges when 343i won’t add mode-specific playlists, this is a problem they created.


I played for 4 hours last night, since it’s the only day I have time to just chill and play for any periods longer than like 2 games. Not a single strongholds round. Today I tried just leaving to see if I could get a round to pop before work tonight, nope. I think it’s intentional, especially since the poster said he couldn’t get oddball, bit I got tons.

343 creates an obviously trash system and fanboys still won’t point the blame where it belongs. People are doing this all day long. My last 5 games yesterday all quickly went to 3 v 4 with a bot on my team. It’s very annoying but completely predictable. There is no excuse that they didn’t see it coming.


I had to play over an hour of BTB the other night as I had a challenge of ‘complete a stockpile match’.

I get that too, like, I don’t want to quit out, but there’s a chance I won’t complete the weekly for the event now, so now I’m not gonna get that event reward, and I’ve been bouncing on people. I feel bad, and I won’t be doing it again, but I’m not happy. Frustrated. I’m off here, I’m just gonna go in a circle of frustration if I keep on this site

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Agreed. It’s a crappy situation all around that has been created by 343. They 100% should have seen that this would happen and either not included certain challenges or allowed game mode selection.

You know what? I for one will take the side of OP.

This game is clearly rigging the RNG in order to make the game type you need in order to clear a challenge less likely to proc.

If all game modes in arena are equally likely to proc (25% oddball, 25% CTF, 25% strongholds, 25% slayer), the probability of finding no oddball after 16 games can be calculated using the Binomial Distribution formula:

P = m! / n! /(m-n)! * p^n * (1-p)^(m-n)

where m = 16 is the number of attempts, n = 0 is the number of successes, p = 0.25 is the probability of success in one attempt and P is the probability after m attempts.

P = 0.00100 (or 1%)

That means there is a 1:100 chance of OP’s bad streak being down to pure bad luck, rather than something fishy going on. 1% is not that bad. But that’s only one data point. Based on data from other people in other posts I’ve already calculated bad streaks with likelihoods of 1:1000, 1:2500…

And I experienced myself multiple unlikely bad streaks, even though I did not journal the exact number of attempts and successes for each one.

343 is playing dirty, and in playing dirty people feel justified to play dirty as well. 343 is to blame for all those people quitting and making the game worse for everyone.


I get oddball like every other match…I’d gladly trade with you if it meant I’d stop getting oddball so often lol.

I don’t blame you for quitting, OP. 343 have put in a garbage challenge and achievement system that actively encourages quitting. They should rework the challenges to be more like MCC then you won’t have this issue of people leaving to complete stupid challenges such as wasp kills / wraith kills etc that only appear on select map.

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A list of sorts need to be made to get proper data points.
I’ve had a nagging feeling something like that was up as well.
I had two identical challenges of playing one Total Control match, prior to that I had regularly played Total Control on BTB, but it took me three games to get.
Then I needed three Stockpile matches, there too I could get stockpile regularly but lo and behold, took a while to start getting them.
Now I’ve had them frequently again.

Also, challenges and event challenges.
I basically have to complete all but one weekly to get to do the Event ones, as every time I’ve completed an event challenge, I needed to complete two in order to get to progress an even one again as it randomly didn’t assign an event challenge for me.
And I got the horrible ones, Ravager kills, Chopper kills and so forth, swaps were used, but not payed for.

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Lmao what did you expect to happen?