Banned for suicide's

So ya apparently you can be banned for commiting suicide to many times like wtf Halo come on rly dudes why do you even have that in there most people don’t commit suicide on purpose I’m requesting an unban through this because you’re customer support is lacking on info there’s no information on the web on how to reach you all directly so ya guys be careful don’t commit suicide to many times by accidentally jumping the wrong direction like seriously they really dicked me over on this one like what the hell you all have lost alot of my respect banned for the dumbest reason in the world smh I’m so disappointed in you guys right now so watch out if you accidentally commit suicide then you’ll apparently get banned I’m mainly posting this as a warning to other players who enjoy the game as much as I do

Feel free to use the ban thread pinned in this section.

But to answer your question, you get banned for killing yourself too much because in previous games people had been known to jump off the map repeatedly as a form of griefing.