Banned for someone else quitting?!

I was only wondering, not complaining…

My son and I were on both, on different gamertags, playing splitscreen. I have never left a game, but he has. He chose to leave the game and we BOTH got banned. How exactly does this work?

You’d be better off asking bungie. Go check out their forums. I think the thread is pinned in the Halo Reach forum.

Could be a system ban. If thats the case then it doesnt matter who’s GT was at fault.

It is a console ban. On 24 May, Bungie reset a lot of players, apparently for being AFK, but from my reading of the posts also for quitting and challenge resets.

My son’s gamertag was reset, but the console was banned, and I can’t earn credits online until 7 June.

The largest thread on this at Bungie is (4,500+ replies).

Whether the reset was fair or not, banning the entire console seemed way out of proportion.

Hello! I’m going to tell you a little story!

There is an Xbox 360 console with 2 Xbox Live gamertags on it; bloodman68 and SuperSonicFire.

bloodman68 has quit many games, and has gotten a “Quit Probation warning popup”, whereas SuperSonicFire has NEVER quit or LEFT or LAGGED OUT EVER. One day, the 2 accounts play together, split-screen, on Xbox Live.

Low and behold, as soon as the two sign in together, SuperSonicFire is now getting the “quit probation warning popup” even though he never quit!

(It appears as though the quit probation warning popup spreads like an infection.)

So they ignore it, thinking it’s just another stupid glitch.

They enter a game of BTB.

There is a massive host migration, first 1 person lags out, and then half the red team, and then everyone is gone!

We are sent back to the matchmaking lobby.


He never quit EVER? How does this work?

And bloodman68 isn’t even banned even though he originally had the popup and had quit MANY games.

What the heck happened? Why is SuperSonicFire temporarily banned? He never quit!

> This is a warning to everyone:

Don’t play with someone on the same console if they have the “Quit Probation Warning Popup”. It will spread to you, and you’ll be banned upon next leave, and the actual probation warning account won’t!

Just a heads up.

Can we get a fix?

> Posted by: Scratastrophe
> Also make sure no-one recovers their profile off your Xbox when you’re on probation it can quit you out.

wierd… my friend had the pop-up for not quiting anymore for like 5 games in a row w/o quiting any games… bungie bans fail

> wierd… my friend had the pop-up for not quiting anymore for like 5 games in a row w/o quiting any games… bungie bans fail

You think the probation should be over after you’ve played five conscutive games without quitting? Only five? Are you kidding?