Banned for quitting when I didn't quit

My disc and xbox are both new, and my internet connection is fine – but the game has frozen about halfway through my online matches about 4 or five times since I bought halo yesterday, and now I have been banned for “quitting too many matches.” What am I supposed to do, create a new account and fork out another $60 for a year of xbox live? I have looked everywhere for an support number or email, but can’t find a thing. How do I fix this?

First off, the ban is 15 minutes, just ignore it.
I would also recommend installing Reach to your HDD.

Also, some Halo Reach Discs are broken; you should head over to and check out the dedicated forum thread for some answers to wether you’re having this problem or not.

Sounds like an install would be a good remedy to try. There were some bad discs that were sent out, rare though. Think of it as winning a prize you didn’t want., @XboxSupport (twitter) and 18004MYXBOX are good choices to start. Sorry that is happening to you.

I will try to install the game to my hard-drive, but it has been well over an hour since I was banned…

thanks for the support numbers and email, shouldn’t be that big of an issue now

No problem but the @XboxSupport is not an email. That’s their username on Twitter. I suggest using them first before calling or digging through tons of forums. Might save you some wasted time so you can get back to gaming.

If it happens to do with the Bungie ban, check out their forums. Lemme see if I can find the link…

Couldn’t find it. There is a “I’ve been banned for no raison” thread on, but I think that was for Halo 3 only. If you can find the thread for Reach on their forums, ask there for help also if it is the ban preventing you from playing. Hopefully you will get an answer soon.

That’s your thread :slight_smile: