Banned for port forwarding my router?

YES YES !! I have seen that too. I didn’t realise what was going on.

To be honest, it may be a child account which has settings in place preventing it from being searched for. Atleast I think there’s a setting to prevent the GT from coming up in searches.

As for the banning of the account.
Unfortunately, unless they’ve changes the ToS, there’s a paragraph stating they can ban you whenever they feel like it, and they have no responsibility of telling you why you are banned.

That doesn’t explain another account popping up my list of recently encountered people, while i did not encounter that account… And with the timestamp next to it, i could see it was in the exact same match.

I wonder of that is legally allowed, since they ask money for ingame products. In a lot of countries that also gives you some legal protection, so that games can’t just scam you. So i wonder if that part of ToS would stand in a court, since no ToS can (partially) invalidate a law.


I don’t understand how they can enforce that when you are allowed to have multiple accounts on an Xbox (ie it’s a console shared by multiple people in a house). There’s even options to add/ remove or switch accounts, so that really doesn’t make sense.

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The thing is, I think they can get away with in on a lot of points. Yes, protection from scams exist but big companies would not win on scams as they’d lose customers fast.

In the ToS, they’re essentially covering their own backs.
You’re agreeing to not suing, basically at all, there are instances where you could, but you’d have to prove that you used the software as intended.
Anyway, as the ban system is automated, any user could potentially het unfairly banned, and that sucks. However, not having to disclose the reason means they don’t have to look into it, and the many other claims they may get that are justified.

Also, I think it may also be kind of like bars and restaurants, and other privately owned establishments. Aren’t they allowed in their full right to throw out, banish, prevent some customers to visit the establishment at any time they see fit, even paying customers?
At least that’s always how I’ve seen it. i343 have no obligation to keep the service open for everyone at all times, and disclose reasons as to why they are ported, it’s their service they themselves provide.

No, they can’t. There are restrictions on what reasons they can do that.

Yeah that was a bad take, I forgot about racism and stuff.

That’s not to say. I doubt any banned player would find success in court over a banned account.

This whole thing is awful. Can you quote your conversation with the Support team here? Also, how often have you betrayed teammates or dealt damage to teammates? FYI, the support team is a separate division from the development team and PR staff. I’m really curious about what info they are looking at that you don’t have. Telling someone why they were banned and for how long a ban will last is critical to changing behavior and ensuring that the system is being fair. I think the best takeaway is that we need to push for more transparency for ban messages.

Edit: I read your other thread. If this ban was for griefing then they wouldn’t be coy about the reason. Nevermind on that part.

I don’t like to talk about cheaters because the back-and-forth struggle is always advancing forward. There is one issue that is more serious than anything else though and it’s impersonation. Look at this news article. I wish, dearly, that I could see the original Reddit thread because this is either a post-game theater spoof, a live local-name-only spoof, or a spoof for other players in the game.

I cannot personally confirm if it is possible to impersonate other players in matchmaking for other players, but I do know without a doubt that it is possible to retroactively change the name of a specific player in a theater recording. (Don’t worry, for MCC 343i saves and indexes server-side information about every match. I can provide a clip of a developer saying and showing this in the context of Halo 3 client-side and server-side inconsistencies. I assume that 343i uses this info to make ban decisions.)

I stick around with modders, not cheaters. For them this lack of anti-cheat means that it is possible to work on tools to mess with the game in cool ways. I could talk about campaign mod tools, attempts at making multiplayer gametypes for custom games, and attempts at making forge work on anything other than the older Flighted releases. But because they are not cheaters, I do not know how thoroughly compromised the matchmaking is or could be. Halo: Infinite’s client-side anti-cheat is a paper bag that I could poke a hole in with one sentence. I can only hope 343i has some method today to detect a cheater server-side. At the very least it’s something that 343i is actively developing with their own full might.

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Obviously I don’t know why you were banned but I think it’s appalling when game companies ban users and refuse to state the reason of the ban or present any evidence.

You could have spent a large sum of money for something you can now no longer access with no ability to understand or challenge the decision that’s been made.

Their terms of service and EULAs and what not might grant them such power but it shouldn’t be allowed, it’s far too open to abuse. Can you imagine if that was acceptable outside the gaming industry?

“You’ve been fined £2,000”
“For what?”
“Because I said so and my decision is final, pay up”

“You’re under arrest”
“For what?”
“I’m not going to tell you but I’ve decided you are going to jail for 20 years and have no right of appeal”

I think most people would agree that isn’t fair, it’s allowing someone to be judge, jury and executioner and not having to even tell you what you’re alleged to have done, what their case against you is or giving you any ability to defend yourself or appeal. So why can video game companies get away with it?

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After 6 days they’ve told me how long I’m banned for. It’s a 2 week suspension. I do not know why. Someone could’ve spoofed my account and cheated. Someone could’ve spammed my name with reports. Or maybe I played so bad in a few games that my teammates thought I was throwing the game and reported me. I tried uploading screenshots but It says I can’t ended media into the post

I have no idea why I was banned. It’s still so frustrating though. How can I play with confidence that I’m not going to be banned again?

And to be clear, I have trash talked others but it’s been in a very trash talk way, not harassment or threats or personal insults. I’ve been doing it for years on rocket league and never had any issues so I doubt it’s that.

Here are the messages from support though.

February 15th from a bit: Hello skywayplaya,

This automated message is to inform you that Halo Safety & Enforcement agents have received your ticket. Please note that Halo Support Agents process tickets Monday-Friday, during PT business hours. If you received an automated ban then it is possible that your ban will have expired before an agent is able to review your ticket.

If your ban is still active during business hours or after 24 hours since being applied, please respond to this message so an agent can review your ticket.

Thank you,

The Superintendent

February 17th: Hi skywayplaya,

Our Halo Safety team is firm in our commitment to ensuring a fun, fair, and safe gameplay environment for the Halo community. A review of your account revealed a violation of the Xbox Community Standards and Halo Spartan Code. For security reasons, we do not disclose the details of our investigations

To avoid future enforcement actions, you can review the Community Standards and Spartan Code at the links below:

Xbox Community Standards
Halo Spartan Code

Please note - the results of this review are final. Creating further tickets regarding this suspension will not result in a reversal.
Halo Agent November

February 18th: Hi skywayplaya​,

We will not be reducing or removing your Halo Infinite suspension. We are committed to enforcing the Community Standards and Spartan Code. This decision is final.

Creating further tickets regarding your current suspension will not result in a reversal.

Please feel free to review the Xbox Community Standards and the Spartan Code at the links below:

Xbox Community Standards
Halo Spartan Code
Halo Agent November

February 21st: Hi skywayplaya,

Your current Halo Infinite suspension will end on 3/1/2022. Any further violations after that date may result in increased penalties.

Note: For security reasons, we do not disclose the details of our investigations and further appeals will not result in a reversal.

Please feel free to review the Xbox Community Standards and the Spartan Code at the links below:

Xbox Community Standards
Halo Spartan Code
Halo Agent November

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I do wonder if it were a paid for game (or possibly if you’ve bought microtransactions) what were to happen if someone tried to take legal action.

You’re being denied access to content you bought/paid for a license to access. You aren’t being told why and have no right of appeal.

What would technically stop 343 from banning literally ever player, essentially taking their money and running?

If people were getting banned for port forwarding this would’ve been huge news, but it’s not because this isn’t happening.

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I dont know US law but here in Switzerland that definitly wouldnt work. You have to disclose the reason you make a decision to deny someones access to a bought product.

Was this the only method of viewing the length of your ban? It really shouldn’t be something that you had to ask specifically for in order to get. I’m kind of shocked they didn’t offer that up on the first ticket. In MCC it’s given in-game (though sometimes due to timezone differences or date formatting differences people can get short bans confused for long bans).

A two week ban with no reason given and a warning for more bans. I’d stay away from the in-game store. At the very least it does narrow things down because I would assume that if it was for attempting to cheat then it would have been harsher.

Instead of speculating about why, here’s what I know about the game.

  • Every single thing you say in the in-game chatbox is recorded regardless of if it was censored or not. That stuff is sent through Xbox Live servers.
    In MCC if you lose connection to Xbox Live then that chatbox will fail to function too. Early on in the PC release of MCC it was possible to lose connection to XBL mid-match while still playing. The only thing impacted was the in-game chat and your ability to start another match.
  • It’s likely that 343i stores a theater replay of every single game.
    In MCC it was possible for an employee to look up the exact match that a Reddit user had recorded and then view the server-side theater replay with extra debug information.
  • There is undoubtedly automated analysis done on both data sets. 343i is owned by Microsoft after all.

Sounds to me like it may have been for trash talking or use of offensive language which you have admitted doing, however these are usually XBL bans or communication bans rather than game specific bans.

I don’t use profanities when trash talking and as shown above, Xbox explicitly allows trash talking. It’s also nuts to ban someone from playing a game instead of banning their communications.

Yes, I say things like “dang man, tell your friend thanks for carrying you”. But that seems totally within reason when looking at Xboxs given examples of acceptable trash talk.

If 343 thinks I attempted to cheat, then they have some major bugs in their detection processes. I have no idea what I could’ve done that justifies a 2 week, 0 warning, 0 information ban.

I definitely will not be buying anything from Halo at any time. This has been a truly frustrating experience and I’ve lost all trust in the games moderation.

I have no idea why you have been banned tbh…the suggestion in my previous thread was merely a suggestion and as I stated it doesn’t explain why it would be a specific game ban rather a communications ban.

My only other suggestion is that you may have received a lot of cheating reports from players you may have come up against.

What is for sure is that your ban should be accompanied with an explanation at the very least, and I would argue that it’s entirely unfair and unjust to enforce a ban without any kind of explanation. That is actually quite disgraceful.

I wish I was good enough to be banned for cheating. You can check my halo game Tracker. It’s extremely mediocre.

I agree that it’s really a major ball drop to not provide basic info with a ban. It could be as simple as “Reason: Quitting excessively” or “Reason: Cheating” or something else.