Banned for port forwarding my router?

Hi, I got banned recently and it was shortly after port forwarding to get an Open NAT type on Xbox Series X and using a wired connection. I followed this guide:

I played for a few hours after opening the ports and then logged in the next day to find out I’ve been banned. It’s been 48+ hours now. I’m confused why I was banned. This feels like a mistake and support has not been helpful in the least. What else can I do to get some info? I’d just like to know the duration of the ban and the reason.

Note: I have not cheated, used any exploits, threatened anyone or used any foul language (curse words, slurs, etc) towards anyone, I never geofiltered, etc. I also was not leaving matches (you can see that here: if you don’t believe me).


I don’t think you’ll get banned for port-forwarding. That’s weird.


Could be a side effect related to 343’s attempt at preventing geofiltering.


If you have been banned for port forwarding due to 343s update… I imagine this won’t be the last we here of this!


I wouldn’t think so either. But engineers are just people and they make mistakes so, wouldn’t be too surprised if it happened.

Seems like some really coincidental time though to get banned out of the blue, with no warning, for an indefinite period of time. Like, I haven’t messed with any other network settings and haven’t ever used cheats or exploits. People who cheat would likely be getting 1st in all their games which is pretty infrequent for me.


No one has been banned for geo filtering so why would anyone be banned for port forwarding which is just another standard technical thing to do?

What message do you receive on Xbox or in Halo? Are you banned from playing other games?

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I see a “User is banned” message when trying to click. “Play” in any of the multiplayer game modes. No timer or other info or indicator.

No I’m not banned from playing other games. I’m not muted on Xbox. I have no restrictions on any game or action other than this within halo infinite. I have not tried MCC/5.


Try using or creating a secondary account. If it’s related to port forwarding then that one would get banned too. If it doesn’t then that means you’ve been banned for something else.

Technically, this is against their guidelines. I literally can’t play this game anymore without them always having a reason to ban me indifferent of my account.

And yet they’ve still refused to given me a reason or time for the ban. How am I supposed to appeal a ban when I don’t know the reason?


That doesn’t make sense to me at all. Where does it state that this is against their guidelines or that port forwarding is a bannable offence? As you rightly say, port forwarding is even recommended by Microsoft and Xbox to resolve issues such as open NAT or XBL chat.

Have you tried playing on a secondary account with the same port forwarding rules as I suggested?

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there is nothing in the xbox guidelines that says you cant have an alt account or two, i have like three, you just cant sign on to waypoint with your alts

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I have been recommended by Xbox support themselves to create an alt account so I could use a 3 month Gamepass code that my primary wasn’t able to use.

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I was stating that creating a secondary account is against guidelines. I know port forwarding isn’t.

Under examples of what not to do. It states the following: “Create alternate Microsoft accounts to circumvent a suspension or restriction”

So this means that so long as anyone plays halo infinite, if they suspect that someone’s account is an already banned user, they can ban that additional account.

Under examples of what not to do. It states the following: “Create alternate Microsoft accounts to circumvent a suspension or restriction”

i’m pretty sure thats for an Xbox account ban

on a side not are you still banned?

Yep. 5 days now of ban time. 2 responses on my appeal ticket both saying the same thing of “decision is final” and then links to code of conducts.

wow this game really knows how to retain players doesn’t it? they could at least give you a reason, most free to plays will only ban you for hacking, but this game seems to ban you for anything whats next will we get banned for pulling RT

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Y’all are about to get banned if you get 2 perfects in a row lmao.

But seriously. It’s so frustrating. I have no idea what I could’ve done that results in a permanent ban immediately.

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There are quite a few posts across the forum threads of people being banned and they don’t know why.


To be honest, it might have to do with cheaters spoofing again, just like was the case in MCC for a while?

Earlier today i had a match where someone was doing very well (not that i suspected any wrongdoing for the rest), but when i looked at my xbox companion app, there was no one with that gamertag on the list of ‘recent players’ that i encountered. Even when i tried to search on his gamertag, it said that it didn’t excist. At the same time there was someone listed as in my game, while i never encountered that gamertag ingame… Seems like spoofers are at it again?