Banned for not quitting

Yesterday I was banned after winning a match. I had previously quit games earlier in the day and had already been banned for it. Might I add, the reason I had quit earlier was due to PC modders. I then won a game and was banned for 15 minutes.


I’m sure you can imagine that this is frustrating. I get banned because I quit a match due to people modding??? (multiple times in one day) Okay, but then not even an hour later I’m banned again for completing a match??? I think there’s got to be some resolve here.

Hey OP, regarding the issue of being banned after completing a match - I recommend heading over to for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed. It could be that the ban system is just lagging behind by a match or 2, but it’s been noted by others so probably worth reporting.


Same thing happens to me every so often. It makes no sense since there have been no quits prior.