Banned for no reason

queued for for matchmaking, got into a ctf game and as it ends i get booted out and banned? i havent broken any rules or anything, why am i banned.

I was casually playing halo, why am i getting banned for playing this game as it should be played? i litteraly just queued up for a game normally as always and was banned at the end of the match? i dont use cheats, i dont hack, i even use basic input on keyboard and mouse for this game with no macros or modified inputs, why am i getting banned for casual play??

theres no place to report this as a bug or get support other than here? what do i do when i want to play halo? just dont? i payed for this game i should be able to play without getting banned for just playing.

where does it describe what to do with random bans in this thread, soo far it seems nobody cares that people are being banned for no reason? i cant be the only person this is happening to.

Bans are not randomly handed out. You may not have cheated, but you can get banned for doing other things, though the ban is less severe. Leaving too many games, for instance.

ive never left a game though

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Hey, you already know where to go.