Banned for no reason

Hello 343,

I am hoping that you will see this post and remove the ban from my account. My gamer tag is xxHUCKLEB3RRYxx
I have been talking with Microsoft support and they have told me there is no reason that I should have been banned and I was directed here. Again, please either expound on the reason I was banned or please remove the ban. I am a longstanding customer with Microsoft with a clean account.



I too was banned this morning after I shot a teammate after a match had ended. This has become common place after a match ends and had no affect on the game.

The only other reason I could think that I was banned is because I had a connection issue 2 nights ago where I was disconnected from a handful of games while trying to join a friend online.

Hoping 343 will look into my account and rescind my ban or at the very least take a few days off. 5 days is excessive. Please help 343. I’ve never been banned until today.

My gamertag is quickshift24.

I to have been banned when a teammate ran in front of me shooting and I got kicked from a game then I was banned for no reason your ban hammer can suck it!!! Remove my gamer tag from your ban alpinestarman1

My gamertag is MJR Shepard, I have never to my knowledge done anything that would be ban worthy, however, I got on Halo 5 today and noticed that I am banned from any and all multiplayer aspects of the game. I cannot find anything giving me a reason for the ban, nor do I have any idea of what may have caused the ban. I would like to request that the ban either be removed from my account or be provided a reason for the ban along with all applicable evidence to support it.

I will also be contacting microsoft support directly in order to look into this issue further.

MJR Shepard.

EDIT: I have traced the source of my issue to the fact that my Gold subscription has expired, but the XBox LIVE servers for the one have this thing where you get stuck in purgatory and its as if you do and dont have Gold at the same time.

This is ridiculous! I was just banned after being ground pounded. I’m furious

I share in the frustration. I have been banned twice. First one was by learning what not to do. After that I have worked very hard to play by the rules. Wait until the match is over and leave matchmaking, not commit suicide on purpose(not sure why you would do that anyway), etc. I am very frustrated and unfortunately if the ban is not lifted very soon I will be taking my fun elsewhere.