Banned For No Reason

Please help, was just playing a game of slayer then I got disconnected from Internet it says then the next thing you know a message pops up saying I have been banned. I really have not cheated or anything I don’t know what has happened.

After it says I was banned I was checking my character and suddenly I have 2 warzone packs in my collection and one promotion award. I don’t want to open them because maybe that’s the issue. I don’t remember earning or unlocking these and yet I have two packs.

Someone help, really didn’t do any cheating and I don’t want to be banned for not doing anything :((

thank you

The same thing just happened to me, never left any games but my last one i got disconnected and returned banned. : /

I’d take this to the support thread, prob get more help there.

My guess is that you got suspended. If you leave enough games you will get temporarily banned. Maybe the game thought you were trying to get out of a match. So it might be a day or so before you can play again. Second, I’m guessing you have the Warzone req pack, and it gives you two pack each week to open up. They just barely released the new ones for this week, so that’s why you have two of them. I highly doubt you are permenantly banned so don’t stress about it. It’s just a way to get people to not leave multiplayer matches.