Banned for no reason whatsoever

So I got banned from online in halo 4 for no reason! I completed the campaign on legendary for legit and it wouldn’t show up because I completed it on my USB flash drive because I didn’t have enough room on my hard drive but I cleared data after I completed the campaign and transferred my halo 4 campaign data to my hard drive. This is crap. Halo is my favorite series and they banned me for absolutely no reason.

The way you worded it makes it obvious that you were most likely modding.

Lemme guess what you did. You may or may not have completed Halo campaign legitimately, so you used a tool to unlock the campaign commendations. You shouldn’t have modded your profile even if it didn’t register your campaign completion on Waypoint.

I don’t even know how

I don’t know how to mod Even if I did its impossible to open a zip file which all modding files come in. My friend showed me when he downloaded a file and he tried for like 20 mins trying to open it. It’s impossible. I’m in middle school and I am not that much of a computer geek to know how to do that

Lol you did something broski! Why the hell would 343 single just you out? You know why you got banned. We don’t but you do. Chill.

Please use this thread:

Your game history shows a lot of campaign games with 0 deaths on Legendary. Not to mention you also have Tilt, Famine, and/or Black Eye skulls on in all of these games.