Banned for Lost Connection

I got a real bone to pick with the person at 343 Industries who thought it was a good idea to give temporary bans to players who lost connection to a match. First of all, my internet is working perfectly fine today. This was not a problem on my end. It’s the game’s fault. And I know this because the last few times it happened, EVERYONE in the match was booted out. We all got sent to the pregame lobby. Secondly, even if it was a problem with my internet, why punish me for that? You think I willingly chose to lose connection to a match? I could’ve sworn they said something about how the game is able to tell between someone who manually quits and someone who lost connection, but it seems not. The game is still punishing me as if I quit and that is not fair.

Same thing happened to me twice. Got disconnected then 10 minute ban, then first game after ban i got disconnected then banned again for 10 minutes again. I also havent been able to play matchmaking in a week because it keeps making me leave matchmaking when i find players. Ever since season 7 has come out, the game has been super buggy.

Same here, lost connection to the game, everyone pushed to the pre lobby and after that got banned out of nowhere, it’s pretty annoying.

Please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the relevant game forum for any queries on matchmaking bans