Banned for losing connection for matches in Infinite

You would think that by now the devs would have put in some kind of system that would tell the difference when players actually quit their matches and when players are being forced out of the game because of connecting issues but I guess that’s just a sad reminder that’s not case. I’ve been having problems getting into matches this early afternoon but whenever I get in a match for the first few seconds, I get kicked out. And after this had happened a few more times, I get banned for something I had no control over and the game fails to realize that before I have to head off to work. Thanks 343 for this ban system that punishes players who are unfortunate to get in matches because of connection issues.

As soon as someone develops a system that detects genuine disconnects vs people quitting they’ll make bank because every game identifies both as a “quit”


The only consolation is the bans in these situations are quite short.

By the time your connections issues have resolved themselves (could by your computer, your modem, the local ISP, the server, or the game) the ban should be over.

Yay, I’ve won the internet!

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I didn’t get any of that from what he said.

It was more of “tough break, dude.”

Let’s not turn this post into a “let’s -Yoink- on the guy with the take I don’t like.”

Is said bank being offered haha?


Doesn’t bother me too much. Keeps them out of my matches, means more likely to have full matches from start to finish.

But I am sorry to hear you having troubles though regardless. Maybe they can use that down time to fix their connection issues perhaps? I mean they have nothing better to do now so why not? Once it’s fixed then they won’t have to worry about being banned again too boot! So everyone wins! Hazzah!

Not by me man I don’t have the capital for that lol


I like you Darwi it’s okay

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