Banned for leaving?

So, I have apparently been banned for leaving games, when I have left none.
This is seriously interfering with what I usually do at this time of the day, which is play Reach.
Any notes or opinions in case I may have missed something that I did?

Are you sure you haven’t lagged out or been disconnected or anything?

Do you have anyone in your house that could have played on your XBOX?

ive had the same problems it was gone after ten miniutes… i still think i deserve some kind of retribution for this unjust ban. maybe like a cookie or sticker, or how about 1,000,000 cr… i think thats fair

Im not going to lie and say " i feel asleep at my controller and was banned when i woke up, WTF 343 " i recently found out about idling and thought id do it for one level and looks like the first time i tried it i was banned i know i deserved it and im not going to do it again but im curious if my ban will be for 24 hours? 48 hours? 2 weeks? as this is the first time when i signed on halo reach said my console and then account was temporarily banned from earning credits.

I would appreciate help, thanks.

I believe the first offense is 24hr.

The first offense is 24 hours. If you have problems falling asleep at the controller, then you need to sleep regularly.

My power has been going out off and on the last couple days, not only causing me to leave in the middle of a match, but also messing my internet up at random times. Now whenever I sign on reach, It tells me if I leave again I’ll be banned, and suddenly, in the middle of a match, it told me the party host was idle and i had been returned to the main menu, and I was banned from match-making, yet I was the party house and I certainly wasn’t Idle in Team swat.

It’s just annoying that it keep’s assuming I’m leaving on purpose and punishing me.

well, that’s how the quit ban system works. You quite a few games, you’re out. It happened to me after my internet went wild for a while. The dumb thing is during matches, randomly, it would send me a message that if I’d quit again, I’d be banned, interrupting my experience.