Banned for leaving Social Matchmaking?

Just got banned for leaving multiple matches because I have a challenge for killing people with the energy sword and none of the maps or gametypes I was getting had an energy sword (I needed to play rumble pit so I needed ninja slayer to come up and I kept getting shotty snipes and recharge didn’t come up even once). This isn’t ranked and all players who leave get their spots filled by bots so why is this even a thing again?
Either fix your challenge system or watch your game die. Stop forcing us to go to specific maps and game modes to get challenges and let us play how we want to play.

FFS I have a get 10 kills with the pulse carbine challenge coming up later and the devs have not buffed that abomination of a gun since the BETA.


343 doesn’t really care that you’re ruining the gameplay for other players. They are more concerned that you aren’t using Challenge Swaps to avoid this problem and if you don’t have any left then they would probably say that you needed to purchase more.

The hardest part of the challenges in Halo Infinite isn’t the actual challenge itself, it’s getting the game type or weapon that you need to spawn in the matchmaker. Why did 343 do this? Why design it like this on purpose? Since 343 won’t ever give us an answer on that question, I will fill it in with my own perspectives…

Maybe it’s to artificially inflate data numbers or something? If players end up playing longer than they expected to, it’ll just make Halo look more populated and give the matchmaker more players to toss around into games.

Maybe it’s the only thing 343 could come up with to drag out the Battle Pass even longer? Before they updated Infinite after it’s launch, challenges gave way less XP then they do now and if you didn’t complete any challenge at all, you got 0 XP points at the end of any match. Now we get XP for playing “7 matches a day” and challenges give more XP on completion. But of course, the same randomness of game types and weapons still remains.

Then you have to wonder, why won’t 343 create more playlists to avoid this gametype lottery? “Well, you know, our UI just plain sucks… so we can’t do it… right now.” So you designed your UI to be limited on purpose? “Yes…” but… but why? “Here at 343 we have a vision of Halo…” Okay… and how’s that going for you?


FFA and Bot Bootcamp shouldn’t penalize you for leaving. Plain and simple.

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For -yoink- sake.

Stop quitting.

Play a couple of game of Fiesta. You can tick off pretty much any weapon challenge you need. Grab the sword and go on a -yoinking- killing spree. Much faster than joining quitting, joining quitting, joining quitting, and then serving a ban.

Try and enjoy PLAYING the game. The challenges will take care of themselves.


Really? I play for fun, it’s not like challenges need to be done in 1 sitting.

STOP QUITTING MATCHES! It’s dis-respectful to other players, I got em easy enough just chilling and playing fiesta :-/ Should make bans harsher in my opinion for people quitting.

It is of course partly 343’s fault, wish ui was similar to mcc that you can select which game modes you want to play, hopefully that does come when more game modes are introduced.



I literally finished playing last night and found that I had finished all the regular challenges for the week. And that was after being interstate until Friday afternoon.

The only effort I put in was to play Land Grab - seeing as the event was on. The rewards kept ticking over so I assumed I was doing the right things.

The weekly reward wasn’t of interest so I couldn’t be bothered staying up to play any more games to tick that final box.

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Dont quit! You dont have to finish all challenges at once. Like others said, play Fiesta, you can pick up a lot of weapons lying around.
I dont care about challenges, still i complete a lot of them, just while im playing.


People already chimed-in with common sense answers before me.

How does that old saying go? “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!”


Granted, maybe If he’s not quitting he’s crashing, I play on an og xbox one and crash half the time. They ban you for that too. It’s absolute BS.

Hell, if it continues to crash the game will perma ban me. But I can’t afford a new gaming system atm. How the hell am I supposed to appeal that ban when 343i doesn’t give a damn about their player base to begin with.

Ok well, correction from my first post, you did leave a metric ton of times. Yeah, you’ll get banned for that man, no doubt.

I haven’t ever bothered with challenges. What’s the point? Apart from being somewhat of a “challenge”.

That said, I’m also a quitter in HI. That’s because of 4 vs 4 matches. If you get only one inadequate teammate, who’s also discouraged from quitting, your game can be totally ruined and seems pointless. It wasn’t a problem with full 8 vs 8 matches.

So if I’m playing a game of oddball and one of my teammates totally ignores the skull and has only few kills as well, then you bet I’m out. See ya. Arrivederci. Not having it. I only have three other teammates you know - I can’t afford one of them being clueless. It’s boring to stay in a match where you realize from the very first minute that you won’t win.

Plus it’s not as in the older games where you could deal with 4 enemies by yourself if you were pretty good. In HI you need a teammate by your side because of the sprinting and melee lunging - good luck trying to avoid a sprinter trying to melee you while his mates are shooting at you from a safe distance…

  1. Leaving because of challenges isn’t a good reason to screw over the 7 other players playing. There’s 7 of them, towards the one of you. They’ll always be favored over you, as it makes more sense to favor the majority.

  2. No one wants worthless bots on their team, and no one wants to be forced to fill in either because poor sports like you.

  3. It being social is irrelevant if the problem is big enough that it needs to be addressed. It’s been a thing in Halo since Halo 2, one that Bungie themselves had. It’s not going away either. I was told that they even tested it out during Halo 4, where they substituted bans for quickly getting people to fill the spots where losers left and it got so much backlash that they reverted the change almost instantly.

Bad sportsmanship isn’t welcome in this game… Social or Ranked…


If you are ANY GOOD at Halo whatsoever, you should get 10 sword kills in ANY SINGLE MATCH of Fiesta.

Quitters never win…and winners never quit.


I’ve seen enough of winners (people on the winning team) quitting, because of the one-sided matches and they just got extremely bored.

343 needs to fix the SBMM, because it’s not doing the single thing it’s supposed to do: creating balanced matches. You can’t blame people for quitting if 343 doesn’t even hold there promise up in creating balanced matches and giving everybody a chance of winning.

I S1 i had extreme problems with crashes and extreme lag issues, so my record was already ruined by that, so now that i already have a month of extreme amount of one-sided unfair matches where you almost always are on the losing side, i’m not waisting time on it anymore. If it’s already clear there is 0% chance of winning, i’m out now. I hated quitting in the beginning, but now it is more of a badge of honour that i won’t take this BS anymore. I have no problem with losing a fair match, but this biased matches is complete BS. And it’s also not that you win some you lose some, you almost always lose. No one likes to only be allowed to lose, even though they almost always clearly go positive (average k/d of close to 2.0 in those weeks)… There is just something completely off there.

If it’s not ranked you shouldn’t be getting penalized at all in general .

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It being social or ranked is irrelevant. If it’s a big enough problem it has to be addressed.

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I agree social should be a bit more lax, but social also shouldn’t be a crap hole of quitters and trolls because it’s not ranked.

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Really just get over yourself. You’re quitting on teams and giving them a bot as a replacement. I’m happy and pleased that you’re getting banned.