Banned for joining invite after backing out!

So halo time to time tends to loose connection but my console stays connected. I get banned because halo looses connection to the server! Right now I was searching and I backed out (pressed B) and my friend invited me, I joined and it says I’m banned for 8 hours!!! Please help me any halo moderators this is completely unfair!

You need to finish the game youve started before joining your friend if you’ve already been set up as it will load and a team will be a man down that’s not fair on anyone.

I make sure to report anyone who leaves early in arena only tho excluding infection.

Maybe 343 might be able to code something when there free that if you leave just before the match starts it could find another player I’ve seen this happen before so lends me to think you were ingame when you left?

14 Dnf’s in the last 3 days is why you were banned. (didn’t go any farther).

Please use the ban thread in the Support forums for any ban related queries, thanks.
Official Halo 5 “Why was I banned?” thread