Banned for disconnecting on victory/defeat screen

over the past couple days I’ve been unable to see my score after a lot of games because I “have lost connection to the dedicated server” as soon as the match ends. These disconnects have increased over the past couple of days. Its weird that I have never had an issue with disconnecting midgame, but when i do get disconnected it happens as soon as the match ends. Today this happened in multiple games and it seems as though these disconnects have been attributed to “idling” or “quitting early” leading to me being banned.

Any help to resolve this issue would be great. I’m going to reset my internet connection, but any trouble shooting beyond that exceeds my limited technical ability

Side Note: It’s really disappointing to be banned by a game that I love playing and that I’ve played for so many years. It seems just a little unfair that there is no appeals process what so ever, especially for cases like my own where I’ve been a key player to the team sticking out games (even when the majority of my team leaves or idles) yet I am the one that is banned for “idling”. This really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I haven’t been on the halo 5 forums for too long, but just doing a quick scan it does seem that there is an issue with the banhammer and its damage to innocent players. I’m all for strict policies when it comes to quitters or afker’s, but if the enforcement measure does more harm than good I would argue that it needs to be modified in some fashion to protect loyal players who are abiding by the rules. While my ban is only for 20 minutes or so, the troubling part about this is that if I don’t get the disconnect issue resolved then I will continue to receive more and more punitive bans despite playing each game to the best of my abilities. It also seems unfair that I have been banned for disconnecting after a game is completed. I get ensuring players can’t dodge the bamhammer by simply pulling their Ethernet cord midgame, but my disconnects are after the game is over. I’ve fully participated in the game, was an asset to my team, and had no negative impact on the other players of the game yet am being penalized.

Thanks again for any advice!