Banned for custom challenges?? plse help

Just a question to the all seeing… all powerful… i just started getting into the custom challenges and making them for my friends… is there any possiblity for getting banned by earning too many credits from the challenges? i understand there is a 50k cap per day… but if my friends constantly make new challenges and we complete them and then they turn in the challenge so they can make a new one… and repeat all day we would reach the 50k cap quickly… so again… any chance of being banned or some sort of actions against oru accounts? thnks

Well first, the credit cap is currently 120000, they are working on increasing it. As long as you make challenges, and complete them you will not get banned. As long as you dont cheat, manipulate your internet, boost in matchmaking etc you are safe. Feel free to create the same challenges over again as many times you like. The message that tells if you have hit the cap is glitches so you know that you have hit it when the cr dont add to your total cr.

Feel free to ask any spesific questions :smiley: