Banned for crashing.

Gotta love getting banned from matchmaking after paying $40 to play matchmaking because of the game crashing due to poor optimization. I understand that some people leave matches as soon as they get butthurt about their K/D but banning people because the game is in poor working condition is so extremely aggravating. I was so excited to enjoy this great game once again and now I’m being punished like a rule breaker because the game is buggy. Great stuff 343, enjoy my money I guess because I’m certainly not enjoying your product.

I am now genuinely afraid to play a game that I bought and love because the game might BAN me because THE GAME doesnt work. This is possibly the least thought out system I’ve ever encountered for a game that just released and has many bugs/crashing issues to iron out. I understand that there will be bugs early on, and that’s totally fine. Punishing people for encountering those COMMON bugs is simply dumbfounding and counter intuitive.

Just has something similar.

Banned because changing host failed.

Absolutely unacceptable.

Please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the forums for any queries on matchmaking bans