Banned for crashing?

I have been banned for crashing and closing after loading screens on games my friends load into and finish. I have a good PC i can run it. Game repeatedly crashes over and over when trying to play with 4 players. Happens in sync to 2 or 3 of us. Happened to me the most and i got banned. Sent a ticket and was told that kind of issue was. i played plenty by myself and with one other friends. Mostly crashing with friends

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Unfortunately, every time you crash you’re ruining the match for several other people playing. They see that catering to the people who now have to play a man down being more important then the individual who left, since there’s almost always more of them then there are of people like you.

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I understand the frustration, speaking as someone who used to have horrible internet getting temp banned for just poor connection feels like lemon juice on a paper cut.

But you gotta keep in mind the alternative would be allowing players to quit out of matches by exiting the application or unplugging their Xbox. You’d be surprised how many would do that just to get around the ban timer if it were there. It’s a crappy situation with no real elegant solution unfortunately.

How do you send a ticket? Same thing happened to me