Banned for connection issues? Wtf

Just bought halo 5 a couple of days to get back in the fight I never got to finish 9 years ago when halo 3 came out. I was very excited for the multiplayer and I’m just starting to get back in the groove of halo, but there’s a big problem. If there is a bad connection every 3 games I get banned. Really??? And every time my ban is up, when I get banned again my ban time limit increases by like 4 hours. This is an issue that is going to keep me from playing your game which is really disappointing. Is there any way to fix this or any help will be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to be done with halo right when I just got back into it. :frowning:

There’s a couple of ways the banhammer falls in H5, most likely because of this, the servers run a game or two behind and ban you on betraying, being away from controller things like that so it may have picked up on that. As long as your connection doesn’t force you to leave mid game causing a quit, you arnt getting banned because of quitting, try a wired connection over wifi.