Banned for bringing players back from inf to 5

Disclaimer: I do not hate any of the recent halo games

I need someone with a big brain to continue my legacy. I’ve been banned from playing online in 5 (and by extension, so have my Smurf accounts. Why do I deserve it?

I was making custom games on 5 for the months leading up to, and the weeks after Infinite was released, specifically, ports of, “what (gametype from past halos) would be like in infinite,” Now keep in mind, this is ALL I DID, apart from the occasional firefight matches. And now I can’t even play a single online mode.

But I can’t tell everyone to go to my file share now, I still need to tweak a few settings of these near perfect emulations. I need just a couple people on it, whoever finishes these gametypes for me can take partial credit. I want to see H5 maintain its player base, doesn’t matter if it’s down to about 1500 players. Some people say the franchise died on the launch of 5, but… well idk if anyone has a good rebuttal, it just has a special place in my heart

Good luck (:

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