Banned for betraying too many players in BTB is a bit extreme

So I was just playing BTB, driving around with my friend in a Warthog on Fragmentation, and I’m sure most of us can relate with the occasional friendly running in front of you while you’re moving at top speed and you get a betrayal for it.
Well this is my issue currently: Not only is it too easy to get friendly splatter betrayals in this game, especially the larger BTB maps, but you also get penalized for it even though your teammate was the one who recklessly ran in the middle of the vehicle’s path.

So as of writing this I am banned from any matchmade games, including Bot Bootcamp, and I don’t even have a timer for when I can play again. I personally think this is unwarranted and think there should at least be a warning in game before you just spontaneously get kicked from the match. Mind you I was not told I was banned when I got kicked from the match for betraying players. And again nor did I receive a time for how long I would be banned for.

I know this is something that has been in the game since the beginning, but if we’re going to have no friendly fire outside of vehicles then why have friendly fire in vehicles? It just seems really weird to me, and I’d even say it’s easier to accidentally betray teammates IN a vehicle than outside of one in previous Halos.

Let me know what you guys think, I’m just really bummed because this is the beginning of the event week and I was just trying to get challenges and help my friend with theirs.

EDIT: Added a video because a lot of you think I was intentionally hitting friendlies.


Stop splattering people


Maybe don’t hit people with your car. That’s illegal.


This is a serious discussion guys, let’s not just joke about this.

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Funny, i remember your name. I got the question if i wanted to kick you from the game.
All you and your friend were doing was driving around our homebase, and try to hit your own teammates.

The bann ist well deserved.


They’re being serious. Stop running over your teammates.


I definitely was not just driving around the base, I can upload a video of the match where it happened if you really need proof

Posting a link to the match would def help.

EDIT: Actually no reason…

I mean you had a match where you had 3 betrayals, and have 4 on your account over 32 matches. And based on tracker, that puts in in the top 4% of players for betrayals with a relatively low match count.

The problem is that the stat tracker doesn’t include “betrayals” where you likely could have killed friendly players, but enemy players got the kill count…

So maybe you just got really unlucky… but the data isn’t exactly pointing at you being exactly without fault.

I mean do you blame yourself for being banned if you look at the data as is?
350 player score, 81 shots fired, yet you managed 3 team kills?
You contributed more to the other team then you did your own. Even if you did spend the entire round driving around and camping vehicles, with accidental splatters.

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With the game being free, you can count on 9-year-olds who think it’s funny to drive around in a Warthog running people over. If you betray three people in a game, then the ban seems fair.

If this happened to you, I’d suggest being more careful. Accidents can happen, but they should be few and far between. Just try to be mindful of your teammates if it seems like they may jump in front of you.

I can’t say I’ve ever betrayed more than maybe 10 people in my entire Halo career since Halo 3. But you managed to get about a third of that in one game? Team mates are gonna run rampant, but if you’re paying attention you can usually avoid most cases where you’d accidentally splatter someone.

By the way, I’d like to point out that my point isn’t that I shouldn’t be banned for betraying teammates. That makes sense. My point is we shouldn’t have this unbalanced friendly fire mechanic. Why only have friendly fire for specific things and not for everything or nothing at all?

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I will make a video and try to show just how unlucky I got this match, just wait.

The reason for vehicle damage is pretty clear.

If you didn’t take dmg from friendly vehicles, it could be massively exploited.

Not to mention, vehicle damage never has been a problem in the past. And the data shows that is the case for Infinite as well.

They try too hard to please people. The experience is too curated. Getting banned for everything anymore. I miss the chaotic days of Halo 2 sometimes.

get friendly with rocket launcher → ghost boost them across the map → instantly kill the enemy team without hurting the ghost or the teammate.

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So based on the video, I wouldn’t say you did it on purpose, But jeez, do you ever even touch the brakes?

I swear I’ve accidentally killed 3 people via betrayal before in a match while driving though and didn’t get banned.

Maybe not… says I’ve done 4 betrayals in 294 matches.

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I watched the clip. You were driving around at full speed. Didn’t slow down or change directions even though the teammate was visible way ahead of when you hit them. Maybe it wasn’t totally on purpose, but you definitely could have prevented it.

Honestly, the problem lies with the map. I know people love Fragmentation, and I completely understand why. It looks like a Halo map, straight out of the Combat Evolved pack first included on PC. But the vehicles have such an overly narrow path to navigate. There should be hills on either side of the path, widening the area between structures and cliffs/walls while still providing infantry a little cover, time to see oncoming vehicles and allowing drivers to feel less restricted in a more open environment. Currently, Infinite’s BTB maps are very tight. Every road feels like a trench. It’s not at all like what we had in the past: Blood Gulch and Coagulation, Sidewinder and Avalanche, Waterworks, Sandtrap, Zanzibar and Last Resort, Headlong and Breakneck, Valhalla and Ragnarok, Tempest, Boneyard, etc. etc. The layout needs to be fixed.

They just should be more aggressive with booting people and get rid of the ban hammer.

Maybe just avoid the drivers seat and stick to shooting?

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