Banned for being disconnected.

As all of us know, the internet can be tricky. Connection sometimes can be finicky. I heavily disagree with the developers decision to put a direct link from connection status to the very infamous “Ban Hammer”. I get we want to discourage players from leaving games. There should be an algorithm in place to dictate the difference between an intentional disconnect or a connection failure. Another fine idea seen in other games would be to simply not allow the player who quit to join another game until the one they left is completed. Penalties could be an option. The point is, we pay money to play what we want. We cant predict connection loss. Please develop a new method to discourage players from quitting. Not being able to enjoy the game on our available time due to a microwave interfering with a wireless signal is not a good means to an end for your game. Many of us continuously having to seek entertainment elsewhere, your losing the perceived quality of immersion when your forcefully remove your fans from your server to an uncontrolled connection lost. Please address this, let us continue to enjoy our favorite game modes during the the little free time some of us have. Your losing me… and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

  • Please use the dedicated ban thread for future ban related concerns. - The ban system can tell the difference between a disconnect and a quit. However, a poor connection to the servers is on the list of ban worthy offenses. Having a poor connection is just as detrimental to your team as quitting. In addition it is fairly easy to ‘force’ a disconnect via an unplugged cable, which would allow people to bypass the progressive discipline system that has been put in place.