Banned for apparent cheating?

Yesterday I was playing attrition and once I had finished my game I was banned for some reason. I thought it was for leaving games which I hadn’t done in a long time so can only assume the system thinks I was cheating?

I play on Xbox with almost 1500 games. Is there anyway I can find out the reason I was banned apart from a ticket?

That is my profile also if it shows any proof of some sort.

Appeal it if you want.

Interesting that you’d jump to conclusions and assume the game thought you were cheating though. Not a good look for public perception if you ask me.

What else would it be is why I say it.

Could be a variety things.

3rd party region select, poor verbal or gameplay conduct are a few things I could think about that don’t show up on Halo Tracker.

There’s not much precedent for gameplay misunderstandings as cheats as of yet. And it’s clear that you haven’t been quit banned.

Like I said, I’d recommend you appeal the ban if you think you were faulted.

What is 3rd party region selector?

He’s talking about geo-blocking. It can be done via your computer’s OS by editing text or even on your router.

When you got banned it didn’t give any reason, correct? It could be a minor thing. Are you still banned now? It might have been shorter than you realize. Bans do not have to be permanent.

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Well topics discussing what it actually is are getting shut down, don’t wanna get into details.

Regardless, the forums are not a place to get this issue resolved. Submit a ticket through support.

Yeah I’m still banned as of now and no reason just the user is banned when I go to start a game.

Most likely geofiltering whether intentional or not. Even if you open a support ticket they won’t say the reason only the length of the ban.

Is there anyway I can stop it geo filtering?

I wouldn’t know how, and to talk about the specifics of it here is against the rules.

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Try sending in a support ticket. They’ll take some time to get to you but they will eventually respond. Here are two links:

Yeah I have done already, just need to wait and see what the response is now.

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